Sunshine Business Association Sunshine Busines Association

The Sunshine Business Association (SBA) represents and advocates on behalf of businesses and services in the Sunshine Town Centre.  The SBA aims to create mutual assistance among members in order to encourage business in Sunshine to prosper. The SBA is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers and is pursuing a range of initiatives and programs, including: 

  • Events and activities that promote the Sunshine Town Centre VIEW EVENTS HERE )
  • Opportunities for business networking and support
  • Centre improvements, including cleaning, maintenance and streetscape upgrades



Mr Carson Luk

Phone:- 0402 797 340 

Marketing & Promotions Coordinator

Tracey Cammock

Phone:- 0455 0455 45

By Mail: PO Box 205, Sunshine, VIC  3020

Market Manager

Bob Mitchell

Phone: 0400 560 620

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Brimbank City Council

Phone:- (03) 9249 4000


In person: 301 Hampshire Road, Sunshine

By mail: PO Box 70, Sunshine VIC  3020


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Sunshine Police 

Visit Website

Phone:-  (03) 9313 3333

Email:- (note – not to be used for reporting crimes or urgent activity)

In person: 497 Ballarat Road, Sunshine VIC 3020


Sunshine Hospital

Visit Website

Phone:-  (03) 8345 1333

Email:- (note – not to be used for reporting crimes or urgent activity)

In person: Furlong Road, St Albans

By Mail:  PO Box 294, St Albans VIC 3021