About The SBA


Sunshine Business Association (SBA) has had a long and proud history of representing its 400+ businesses. An affordable rate levy system enables the Association to assist in location promotion, local business development and local community development. SBA is currently focusing on an ambitious calendar of promotional events, advocating for street lighting and improved maintenance and streetscaping.

About the Program

What is it & the role of the SBA

Many business associations across Victoria have a special rate or charge collected by Council from tenants/owners and distributed back to the business association for the purposes of marketing and business promotions.

The Special Rate for Sunshine Town Centre was established in 2013 raising $117,000 per annum and increasing 2% per year.

The Sunshine Business Association must adhere to the conditions provided in their funding agreement to ensure that, at all times, they are acting in accordance with the legal requirements for expenditure of the Special Rate Scheme.

The Special Rate funds enable

Development and delivery of:

  • Marketing/communications program
  • Promotions
  • Events
  • Business development activity
  • Part time marketing coordinator working 20 hours per week to help implement the marketing and promotional program.


Marketing & Events

  • Sunshine Lantern Festival
  • Sunshine Street Market
  • Sunshine FOOD Fever
  • Sunshine CRAWL
  • Halloween in Sunshine
  • Sunshine Short Film Festival
  • Lunar New Year
  • White Ribbon Day Breakfast
  • Sunshine Bag
  • Xmas activities, bin wraps and decals

Advocacy & Grants

  • Dept of Justice – Light up Sunshine
  • Victorian Multicultural Commission – Sunshine Lantern Festival
  • Brimbank City Council – Sunshine Lantern Festival

Upcoming Events/Marketing

  • Business Networking Events
  • Business Newsletter
  • Tax Office Seminars
  • BCC Small Business Workshops
  • Website Upgrade including Business Directory

The story so far

Sunshine is well positioned to be the capital for Melbourne’s growing west as well as vibrant centre for the local community. The renewal of the Special Rate will enable the Sunshine Business Association to continue its important work with businesses collectively to market and promote the Sunshine Town Centre.

The Sunshine Town Centre is one of Melbourne’s great centres – a place where many people visit, shop, work, study and live. The Sunshine Town Centre is developing a reputation for its culturally diverse offering, particularly food, as well as delivering a program of events and activities that celebrate the cultural diversity of the region. Key businesses and services already in and near the town centre include, great fresh food shopping, multicultural restaurants, a street market and annual events including the Sunshine Short Film Festival, Sunshine Lantern Festival, Sunshine FOOD Fever and Sunshine CRAWL.

With more than $1 billion in public and private investment over the past five years, and more land ready for development, the Sunshine Town Centre offers significant development opportunity. The completion of the Brimbank Civic and Community Centre and new VicRoads building has brought more people into the Town Centre in the last year.

The SBA Committee 2020/21


  • Vu Du (Aussie Home Loans)


  • Carson Luk (Xuan Banh Cuon)


  • Kaylene Barnard (Simplicity Funerals)


  • Jennifer Perena (MatchWorks)


  • Silke Pauli (Flowers of Sunshine)
  • Domenica Forti (Biggin & Scott)
  • Catie Norman (Shine Lawyers)
  • Ngoc Nguyen (Mambo Restaurant)
  • Brandan Cooper (Maurice Blackburn Lawyers)
  • Abner Del Castillo (Anytime Fitness)
  • Steven Tabban (Create Real Estate)
  • Van Zung Mang (Westpac)
  •  Jenny Pike (VICINITY)
  • Anna Hickling (VICINITY)