2018 Sunshine Short Film Festival

2018 Sunshine Short Film Festival

Sunshine Short Film Festival is sponsored and hosted by the Sunshine Business Association in Sunshine every year in September or October. 

The Festival offers the chance for everyone to have fun, be creative and tell a visual story in a film that runs no longer than five minutes.  Finalists have their films screened at the birthplace of Village Cinemas, on the big Screen at Village Sunshine Megaplex. 

Not only are there prizes up to $10,000 on offer but an opportunity to gain exposure in the short film industry. 

This years event will be held Wednesday, 31st of October

The theme is a a Halloween themed Carnival. It's about a circus crossed with a house of horrors. It's about spooks and goblins and evil clowns. It's about Masquerade and Masks, Look up Edward Allan Poe and Barnum and Bailey. It's about the gothic and the supernatural.