VIRTUAL Sunshine Lantern Festival 2020

VIRTUAL Sunshine Lantern Festival 2020

The Sunshine Lantern Festival out on the street may have been cancelled BUT we are offering a new Virtual Sunshine Lantern Festival on Thursday 1st October 2020, 4pm to 5.30pm via ZOOM.

The Virtual Sunshine Lantern Festival 2020 is a free child friendly event highlighting the cultural significance of the Mid-Autumn Festival (Tet Trung Thu in Vietnamese), storytelling, games, paper lantern making, colourful mooncakes and cultural activities. Presented by 8Senses, Phebe Yeo will guide children digitally through a 90-minute fun and creative journey of the history of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and the bringing together of family to make lanterns at home, play games and eat Mooncakes.

Materials to bring: glass jar, cellophane, pipe-cleaners, scissors.

Age group: 2 to 12 years old. Parental supervision advised.

To book a seat email:

All enquires call: 0455 0455 45.

- VIRTUAL Sunshine Lantern Festival 2020
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